Farewell Kelkelyos
20:25 min.

Storyteller: Mekdes W Shebeta
Voice – over: Hamado Gebremichael
Live recorded chanting from Ntoto Kidane Mehret Chathideral, Ethiopia

Introduction to the main characters in the story

1. The woman Teza, who the spirit of the graveyard Kelkelyos has possessed for over 23 years. Teza, having been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, extra the spirits, who possessed Tezas body for about 24 years, were helped to depart not only from her, but from the earth itself to where they belong, Hell or where ever. 

2. The narrator. A friend of Teza, a guide, and storyteller. Who tells the story through FaceTime or Skype. The narrator describes Teza’s life challenges, behavior, the process of exorcism, and ways of departing from Kelkelyos the extra alter and the journey to Roma and Ethiopia.  

3. The priest Memehere, gifted exorciser, and the spiritual teacher based on Ethiopian orthodox practices in Roma and Addis Ababa.

4. The Invisible saints of Tsadekane Mariam.

5. An elderly woman who is a regular in Sofienbergparken lives nearby, and collects cans and bottles, and knows Teza`s behavior changes closely. 

Teza, having been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. The extra spirits, who possessed Teza`s body for about 24 years, were helped to depart not only from her, but from the earth itself to where they belong, Hell or where ever.  

These two extra spirits changed Teza’s personality for several years. They are known as the graveyard spirits in Amharic term KelKeliyos. They also switched between several habits and had a nature of their own. The first one is a prominent stubborn and bossy spirit, and it passes through bloodlines, known as “Zer Kelkelyos.” They are several kinds of Zers, but this particular one has a habit of a young virgin. It had passed through nine generations before its last female body remained at the graveyard. Then it found Teza’s life figure, fell in love with her blood and body, and made her its territory to continue passing through her bloodline of future generations, but its aim was cut short.

The other Kelkelyos is an evil witched spirit in a body that remains buried under the Sofienberg park. The body was probably controlled and was witched for more than one and half-century, with a love potion by a female, who could be his secret lover or mistress. The evil spirit of Kelkelyos had found and possessed Teza. Teza’s mood had been switching between several habits, like the sorceress, the female Witcher and the dead man at the graveyard Kelkelyos. It had a personality of laziness, numbness, and it liked to hide from people, a womanizer and evil. If it was not for the Zer, it could have made her sleep around with different men and women, and could have destroyed her looks, but the Zer Kelkelyos childlike is a jealous type. It is mainly attracted to women and does not like to share her with other men. It does not want to be with children.